Chiropractic Testimonials

Chiropractic And Pregnancy

"After my second visit, my baby was able to move around easier as he was far more active than usual. I am optimistic that the treatment is helping provide a better environment for my baby to flip around and not be in a breech!"

 - Anonymous

What A Pleasure

"What a pleasure my first visit was! Ashley and Anna provided exemplary customer service. The office is beautiful, professional and very efficiently organized. Dr. Wade is very caring, an excellent listener, thorough in his examination and explanations, and very easy to talk to. I felt welcomed, valued and confident that care with Anunson Chiropractic will help me to optimize my health. Thank you!"

 - Anonymous

Holistic Surprise

"Hi, I’m Megan. I’m a marathon runner. I was having lower back and knee pain as well as persistent IBS symptoms when I decided it was time to find a chiropractor. I looked up chiropractors in the area on the internet and found Anunson Chiropractic. I read their reviews and so many were wonderful, so I decided to give it a try.

I was taking pain medication, digestive enzymes, probiotics, stretching and changing my diet patterns to accommodate how I was feeling. I had my knee pain for 14 years, my lower back pain for 10 years and IBS symptoms for 6 years. Since I’m a runner, achy pain would just flare up from time to time.

After running my last marathon, the pain made me a little nervous. I wanted my future to include this activity!

I felt great emotionally and mentally after my first adjustment because it seemed I was doing something to take care of my pain. I noticed an improvement by my second or third visit. I am now running with more ease!

There are so many things that I didn’t expect to happen when I came here. My overall health and energy has increased, and I’m just more aware of what’s going on inside of my body, including being more in tune with my internal organs.

The flexibility of the staff is awesome here. Dr. Anunson is amazing at what he does. The Activator technique is great; it’s more relaxing, comfortable and feels like it has a more direct purpose. It’s convenient the way the practice is run.

My friends and family hear me comment that I’m feeling better and I have referred several of them. I’m not asking my husband to give me a massage every night because my lower back pain is completely gone and I feel stronger.

If you’re considering chiropractic, I will definitely tell you that it works. It can relieve pain and you can tell that Dr. Anunson is very knowledgeable about the body with the way he adjusts. I know some people are skeptics, but it works!"

 - Megan

Terrible Digestive Pain… No More!

"I’m Amy. My hips originally started hurting when I was in a car accident in 2001. The pain got worse during my pregnancy with our daughter. I started seeing a chiropractor in 2011 and I would also take ibuprofen for the pain. When my family and I moved to Madison in April, my hips were aching very badly. We needed to find a new chiropractor, so my husband found Anunson Chiropractic.

I noticed an improvement after a couple adjustments. I can now walk with less pain. I never expected to start sleeping better, have fewer headaches or improve my digestion! My digestive system was so messed up after my car accident. I saw so many doctors, had multiple colonoscopies, endoscopies and I was put on Miralax – it was terrible! I would go from being really constipated to having diarrhea all the time. I hurt every time I ate and it didn’t feel normal. Dr. Anunson recommended that I take digestive enzymes in addition to my adjustments and it has been a tremendous help!

My favorite thing about coming to Anunson Chiropractic is that I feel so much better!! I’ve told some members of my family that they should really see a chiropractor.

If you’re considering chiropractic, go. Even if you don’t see progress right away, it’s worth it!"

 - Amy

Intense Sciatic Pain

"Hi, I’m Bob. Have you ever had sciatic nerve pain? I went to my family physician for that reason to see if I could get some relief. I had an MRI, which determined that I had a sciatic nerve problem. My doctor prescribed gabapentin, a muscle relaxer, and gave me an injection to help. The injection killed the pain for 6 weeks, but then it returned. My doctor said he could do another injection, so we did. Same process, same result. I was told that we could do one more injection or I could go under the knife to see if that would help.

It was then that my wife suggested that I see her chiropractor at Anunson Chiropractic. My wife had undergone the surgery that my doctor was recommending and she was worse off for it, so I figured it was worth a shot.

I met with Dr. Anunson and he said there are no guarantees, but he thought treatment could improve my condition from 70-75%. I travel to Arizona during the winter months, so Dr. Anunson referred me to a chiropractor down there while I was gone. It took me a year to notice improvement and now I am pain free! Dr. Anunson is currently helping me with my tremors and I will be continuing maintenance care to maintain this freedom from pain.

I’m am entertainer. When I play the accordion, I am now able to concentrate on that alone and not my pain. I have stopped wondering how I’m going to get through my performance, and I can lie down however I want to!

The Activator instrument that Dr. Anunson uses for adjustments surprised me with what it can do. I didn’t think it would work. My first impression was that it was like a kid’s toy. Boy, was I surprised when I experienced so much relief!

I love everything about Anunson Chiropractic! The atmosphere is great; Dr. Anunson and the staff are professional, fun, attentive and really help people to relax.

I talk to my friends and family about Anunson Chiropractic and they are glad that I’m seeing a chiropractor. They ask me how things are going.

Don’t even think about trying chiropractic! …Just kidding!!! I highly recommend it, especially to avoid surgery."

 - Bob

Accidental Activator Method Lover

"Hi, I’m April. I first came to Anunson Chiropractic because I was looking to continue my chiropractic care; my in network provider changed with my insurance. I found this clinic just by looking on my insurance company’s website.

My mom brought everyone in my family to the chiropractor as we needed it, so it has always been a part of my life. I’m passing on the same mentality to my kids to make it a part of their lifestyle.

When I brought my daughters to Anunson Chiropractic, I noticed improvement after just one adjustment. I want to go the non-medicine route with them. It took longer for me to notice an improvement, but that’s to be expected since I’m older and have had more stress on my body over the years.

In the past, I had a hard time with the common physical manipulation techniques that chiropractors use; it was so stressful. I was surprised to see how gentle and low force the Activator method is!
After one allergy season, with getting adjusted, I didn’t get sick! I didn’t expect chiropractic to help with chronic illnesses like that! I’ve been burning the candle on both ends the past three months with a stressful lifestyle and I have not gotten sick this time around either! My daughters have not been sick like they’re used to and it’s rewarding to see that when I see other kids getting sick.

Everyone is great at Anunson Chiropractic! It’s so relaxing and welcoming here. The flexibility is wonderful.

My family has been very supportive since they’ve used chiropractic before and I have mentioned chiropractic to other friends and parents. I’ve offered the idea of chiropractic as an alternative way to treat & benefit whatever it is that person is going through.

If you’re considering chiropractic, try it! We live in a society that wants instant results, so give it some time."

 - April

Constipation & Chiropractic?

"My name is Shelley. I came to Anunson Chiropractic because I was having lower back pain. I checked into my insurance website and found this place. I never really did anything to help my lower back pain; I had the mindset to grin and bear it for years.

I noticed a change for the better in 2 weeks! I do things now with ease where it once was so painful.

When I came to Anunson Chiropractic I saw posters on the walls for their Kids Day and discovered they could possibly help my little boy. At the time, he was almost 8 months old and was on MiraLAX everyday for his constipation. If he didn’t take it, he would go as long as 15 days without a bowel movement. After 1 week of getting adjusted, we stopped giving him MiraLAX and he has been having a bowel movement everyday ever since!
After that, I decided to bring my oldest in as well. I never expected to get so much help with our digestive systems. You wouldn’t normally think, “my kid has constipation, maybe he should get his back adjusted.”

I like a lot about Anunson Chiropractic. The type of adjusting is less stressful on the body. Everyone is friendly and the whole process is quick and easy.

Some of my friends and family are skeptical and don’t really think that chiropractic can help, while others are amazed by the results my family is experiencing.

My husband now comes here and I’ve told my Mom that she should too. She wanted to find a chiropractor that would be covered by insurance, but is thinking about coming anyways.

If you are considering chiropractic… do it!"

 - Shelley

Chiropractic for Preemies!

"My name is Sarah. My twin boys were born 10 weeks premature. You could imagine how tough that is. My husband, Jon & I wanted to try just about everything to help our boys develop properly, so we decided to try to chiropractic.

Braden & Jaden had acid reflux, developmental delays & poor posture. Braden had high muscle tone & Jaden had PVL, a type of brain injury that affects infants. One of Jon’s co-workers told us that everyone was very friendly at Anunson Chiropractic, so we made the jump to try them out. Before seeing Dr. Anunson, the twins were on different medications for acid reflux & constipation. They saw all kinds of doctors! We continue to do physical therapy & cranial sacral therapy.
In just one week of starting care at Anunson Chiropractic, the twins’ moods were so much better! Everything improved in just one month; their acid reflux was gone, constipation was better along with their posture, Jaden started opening his left hand & they didn’t need to take medication anymore – in fact, we were able to quit cold turkey! Now, Braden & Jaden are sitting up on their own, pulling themselves up to stand, crawling & Jaden is using his left hand.

Jon & I had no clue that all of these things would be resolved! We knew a lot about the medical world, but not a lot about chiropractic; we figured it would only help with their posture.

Everyone at Anunson Chiropractic is super friendly & accommodating! Braden & Jaden are totally different babies now & they’re experiencing healthier development. Dr. Anunson has been amazing. Our family & friends have noticed that Braden & Jaden are so much more active & that they hold better posture. Our cranial sacral therapist asked us if we knew a good chiropractor & we suggested Dr. Anunson. Jon & I started care here just after the boys did.

If you’re considering chiropractic, do it!! Don’t be a turkey; it helps tremendously."

 - Sarah

I Didn’t Want to Be Drugged Up In Order to Be Pain Free!

"I’m Cami. I have been having a lot of neck and shoulder pain on and off for two years from bulging discs. I had tried pain medications, including muscle relaxers. I had to restrict my lifestyle and just wasn’t living. I didn’t want to be drugged up on pills in order to be pain free. You’re not yourself when you’re on so many medications!

My friend went to Anunson Chiropractic for similar issues and experienced great relief, so she told me I should try it out. I didn’t want to see a traditional chiropractor that would crack and twist to adjust; I didn’t want to leave feeling I had just played tackle football! Fortunately, my friend said her chiropractor had a gentle way of adjusting.
The day of my first adjustment I felt better emotionally and physically! Dr. Anunson has helped me to feel like myself again.

Since starting care I have been able to enjoy everyday life – I can go walking, do outside activities like play fetch with my dogs & even do household chores! I didn’t really expect to regain this part of my life. At Anunson Chiropractic, I love the flexibility, quick visits and that they work with my schedule; the staff and Dr. Anunson are friendly! At the time I started care I wasn’t working temporarily and was doing really well and getting stable. Now that I have started working again, I feel different everyday at work. My pain has been worse again, but that is because I’m working on gaining stability with the lifestyle I want while trying to make a living.

My family and friends are happy that I have received so much relief. They have been very surprised to hear about the type of care I receive, with the Activator Method. They had only known about traditional chiropractic. I have referred many to Anunson Chiropractic & I keep telling them to come with me to at least watch & see how everything goes. I would recommend Dr. Anunson to everyone; him as a doctor and not just the chiropractic care."

 - Cami

Lower Back Pain & Pregnant

"My name is Maria. My lower back pain during my pregnancy brought me to Anunson Chiropractic. I had had chiropractic care when I was in high school and just decided to look online for a convenient location. I was pretty much just suffering through my pain for 2 weeks before I decided to come to Anunson Chiropractic. I was 13 weeks pregnant at the time and didn’t want it to get worse!

After starting care, I felt significantly better after 2-3 weeks. I am just a few weeks away from my due date & through consistent care I have been able to enjoy walking without pain and sleeping! I was just tossing and turning before.
I never expected to learn as much as I have from Dr. Anunson. I am more aware of how my lifestyle, including the food I eat affects my body. Everything impacts your body, whether good or bad!

The best things about Anunson Chiropractic would be the staff, whom are very friendly, and how much I’ve learned about my health. My family and friends are so supportive and glad my care here is working. I have referred many to this clinic!

If you’re considering chiropractic, give it a try for a couple of weeks before you make any judgments; it’s a healthy decision! If you’re not satisfied, talk with your chiropractor. An adjustment won’t fix you over night. Be patient and you will reach a whole new level of health!"

 - Maria

Attitude Adjustments!

"I am not sure what our life would be like without seeing Dr. Wade! Here’s how my girls have benefitted from adjustments…all three have been adjusted since birth.

– E, age 5 (almost 6) – I know it’s time to come in when she can’t control her emotions and the wheels are falling off. Within 12 hours, she’s back to normal and I see less “drama”. When she was younger, I knew it was time when she would wake up at night and have difficulty settling.

– A, age 3 – When she has frequent accidents, that’s her cue that it’s time to be adjusted. A year and a half ago, her first steps were taken a few days after an adjustment. She got adjusted on a Friday, started integrating motor patterns that we introduced on Saturday, and on Monday – walking!

– L, age 5 months – Early on, she had difficulty turning to the left and she came in to see Dr. Wade. This last time, she was constipated and GI was sluggish. Not anymore!

The office is accessible, friendly, and welcoming. My kids feel very comfortable going to see Dr. Wade, Lindsay and Danielle!"

 - Anonymous

Chiropractic Resolves Issues You Wouldn’t Expect!

"I’m the type of person that just learned to live with my pain. My shoulders had been hurting for over a year and my neck was as well for two years. My hips have always been bad; they get locked often. Ignoring everything seemed ok, but one day, I fell on my tailbone and I started getting constant knee pain. That was it; I decided I couldn’t live with having knee pain all the time. My friend who had knee surgery told me to come to Anunson Chiropractic. When I came to Anunson Chiropractic, I noticed improvement immediately!

Dr. Anunson helped resolve issues that I never assumed a chiropractor could fix! I didn’t understand that everything was connected. Doctors had given me exercises to help with my shoulder pain, but they said if it didn’t go away they would give me a shot and then eventually I would have to have surgery. My shoulder pain is gone thanks to Dr. Anunson. I had my period from October-January and was diagnosed with Fibroids. To help the issue, I was on a higher dosage of birth control.
Since getting adjusted, I’m no longer dealing with that! I was also having problems with my eyesight, but every time I went to the eye doctor I was told my eyes were fine and they hadn’t changed. After my third adjustment I noticed that I could see better and colors seemed brighter! My mood has improved so much; people actually come up to me at work! I have been able to enjoy walking! I’m exercising/running again – yoga feels so different now. Before, things used to pop in my body and I felt stiff, but now yoga feels great.

I love that I can call and come in for an adjustment on a moment’s notice; there’s so much flexibility here. My friends and family are convinced that chiropractic works because they have seen so many changes in me. If you’re considering chiropractic, most definitely do it! No matter what ailment you are going through, it can be helped."

 - Anonymous

Life Doesn’t Have To Stop . . . I can be active again!

"I absolutely love bowling and there came a day when I thought I had to call it quits all because of the low back pain I had. I wasn’t stable…I couldn’t bend over well, throw a bowling ball and just simply couldn’t be active. I was referred by a friend to Anunson Chiropractic – I was already seeing a chiropractor that I didn’t really like because the treatment wasn’t comfortable. I told my friend that all chiropractors are the same and he said, “Oh no, mine’s different, you just have to try it once and you’ll know.”

Before chiropractic I was doing physical therapy for weeks and sometimes months at a time, but it never helped completely. There was something missing. I’ve been sitting at a desk for most of my career and when I think back I remember having low back pain during stressful times. I didn’t think much of it then; I would just go home to lie on the floor and would use heat and ice to take the pain away.
After some procrastination, I decided that I couldn’t live life in this pain anymore – I wanted to be active! When I called, I got in the same day to see Dr. Anunson. He sent me for x-rays and when I returned he explained everything to me. He asked me what I thought after his explanation and I replied with, “I will tell you after my first treatment.” Afterwards, I felt I could handle that type of adjustment.

I noticed improvement at Anunson Chiropractic almost right away!

What it comes down to is how badly do you want to stay active? I am still bowling and am even more active than I was before coming here. I didn’t expect that!

For someone considering chiropractic, I would say you have to go to my chiropractor! I love the treatments here – they are so simple. They make you feel good. It’s much smoother than the typical chiropractic care you would get. When you lie on the table, Dr. Anunson goes right to the problem area without you telling him. I’m just amazed at how he just knows and takes care of you."

 - Anonymous

I’m Digesting Food Better!

"I was having leg problems and didn’t like the chiropractor that I was currently seeing. My pain just wasn’t going away and I didn’t like their procedures, so I started chiropractor shopping. When I called Anunson Chiropractic, I was told that Dr. Anunson uses an Activator tool for adjustments. None of the other chiropractors that I called told me what methods they use. I tried physical therapy before coming to see Dr. Anunson, but I didn’t get much relief. I had had leg problems for about two years.

After one adjustment from Dr. Anunson, I noticed pain going away and it’s been great ever since. I have been able to do things I enjoy that I haven’t been able to do in a while. I can dance again! Believe it or not, it’s more comfortable to sit – before I didn’t really know how to sit without pain. I walk more and I’m even able to sleep without pain!

Within a few minutes of meeting with Dr. Anunson on my first visit, he asked me how my digestion was. I’ve seen so many doctors for issues with that, to the point where I’ve been off and on medications that weren’t working. After receiving adjustments, I noticed that I was digesting my food better and I never expected that to happen. It never entered my mind.

What I like most is how organized everything is here. You get in and out fast. You feel better when you leave.

My friends and family are so glad to hear that this is helping me tremendously. They’re looking forward to me being more active in the future. I’ve ended up referring some of my girlfriends to Dr. Anunson.

If you’re considering chiropractic, come here! The treatment works, the staff is great – they take care of you every step of the way. They checked in to my insurance, made sure my x-rays were covered and the overall fee is reasonable – I was impressed with it."

 - Anonymous

Before Anunson Chiropractic I tried everything…

"I couldn’t function with my day to day tasks because I was having migraines and seizures in my brain. I never knew when I was going to fall over. I ended up on disability with my job and couldn’t take care of my two young children; I would have to hide out to rest all the time. Before coming to Anunson Chiropractic, I felt I had tried everything for this condition; it had been going on for about six months. I saw a neurologist, other physicians, a conventional chiropractor, tried over the counter medication and I even tried things off the internet to get help. Nothing worked.

After a month and a half of receiving adjustments from Dr. Anunson, I noticed significant changes with seizures and migraines. Suddenly I wasn’t falling down all the time. Before, I was having four to five seizures a day and now, some days I don’t have any. I very rarely have a migraine that puts me out of action. It was like I turned a 180!

I can drive again and most of all, I can play with my kids. We go out, we run around, we play tag, and I make them dinner. I can be a mother. My moods are better, I have more feelings of hope and I never expected to get that. I believe that I can get my health back so I can live again."

 - R.P., Madison, WI

The results are amazing

"Wade’s enthusiasm and knowledge as a chiropractor are a great combination. The results are amazing. He has raised the bar for the level of chiropractic care I expect."

 - J.H., Middleton, WI

Quick recovery from a sprained ankle

"When I sprained my ankle while teaching a fitness class, my first instinct was not to see a chiropractor for care. Knowing the integrity of Dr. Anunson and his wife, I decided to see what he could do for my ankle. I was pleasantly surprised how quickly he helped my recovery, getting me back to teaching in no time. Dr. Anunson is filled with energy, positivity and a true passion for healing and educating anyone that walks through his doors."

 - A.M., Verona, WI

Dr. Wade is the best practitioner of Chiropractic care I’ve found

"My lower back was very tight and painful, causing radiating lower left leg pain and general weakness. This was a condition that first appeared in the late 1980’s a result of heavy lifting and some bone structure issues. When I founded my own business in 2006, I soon discovered that daily physical work caused my back to become worse, resulting in difficulties simply bending and spending extended time on my feet. I tried three different Chiropractors in Madison with limited results. I was referred to Dr. Wade by another one of his patients.

Dr. Wade is a very observant man, noticing my posture and how I was walking before I sat down and his people skills are excellent. The equipment Dr. Wade used to diagnose my lower back issues is state of the art and extremely accurate but I admit that the Activator Method he uses for treatment had me skeptical initially. But by following Dr. Wade’s treatment plan for progressive health I found that there was weekly improvement in my back, beginning with a reduction of pain in the areas affected from the lower back injury itself and finally elimination of pain entirely. I have been pain free now for over 7 months and able to work better and more importantly feel better.

If you suffer from back pain, I highly recommend Dr. Wade and would be happy to talk with any of you personally if you’re reluctant to take that first step."

 - T.S., Madison, WI

Dr. Wade is full of enthusiasm…

"I have known Wade for almost 4 years via a BNI referral group and have always been impressed with his constant upbeat attitude and desire to always get better. He’s full of enthusiasm. From a care side, I asked my wife to visit with Wade for a back problem that has ailed her for years. She has seen other Chiropractors and really never had anything but short term relief. After seeing Wade for a few months she tells me she feels better than ever. Thanks, Wade."

- D.W., Oregon, WI

Migraine relief… priceless

"Yesterday, I was having a migraine that would normally send me into the ER. My whole body reacts to it; I have body chills, I vomit, my eyes water, I’m completely bed ridden and morphine is the only thing that would usually break the cycle. It’s unbearable. I came to see Dr. Anunson that day, not expecting him to really help me that quickly – even though I trust him.

After my adjustment, I laid down for an hour and when I got up the pain was gone. That has never happened! For me, that is priceless. You can’t be yourself when you have so much pain in your head. I’ve always said that migraines are time stealers and Dr. Anunson saved that time for me. It’s amazing."

 - R.P., Rockford, IL

I appreciated Dr. Anunson’s truly down-to-earth approach

"He is very easy to interact with. The “Activator” method that he uses for chiropractic treatment is awesome, no lying tensely in wait for a manual bone crack! Dr. Anunson also focuses on a holistic way of treating patients rather than just addressing symptoms."

- V. Deakin, Madison, WI

Great solution for my back problems

"I have been to several chiropractors in the last 15 years and everyone in the past has primarily focused on fixing the immediate issue I had but not gotten to the root of the problem. Dr. Anunson had great insight as to why I had continual back problems and presented me with a great solution and advice to maintain my back health rather than just fix issues that come up."

 - N.H., Madison, WI

I highly recommend Dr. Wade Anunson

"I have been treated by two other Chiropractors in the past, but working with Dr. Wade was a whole new experience.

-His level of proficiency with the Activator method of treatment is remarkable. The treatment is pinpoint, comfortable and very effective.

-Dr. Wade’s agenda was my agenda. I have felt that previous Chiropractors had a treatment plan in mind for me based on how much money they wanted to make rather than what I really needed or wanted. Dr. Wade offered different options for treatment plans, explained them thoroughly and didn’t push me in any direction.

-Dr. Wade and his staff “get it” from the standpoint of being very efficient and proactive. I never wasted time waiting in their office and they even sent e-mail reminders to me for appointments.

I have referred my wife to Dr. Wade due to the fabulous experience I had and we now have a higher level of expectation for the other health care providers we deal with as a result."

 - B.P., Fitchburg, WI

Sincere, attentive and correct adjustments

"Hi Dr. Wade: Just a note of thanks to you for your sincere, attentive and correct adjustments. Since last Thursday I haven’t had a headache or a backache. And I also started using the Zypan faithfully and can’t believe how good a job it does for me. Thanks for the reminder.

You and your method is just SO awesome!


 - S.S., Mezomanie, WI

I love the treatments here – they are so simple

"For someone considering chiropractic, I would say you have to go to my chiropractor! I love the treatments here – they are so simple. They make you feel good. It’s much smoother than the typical chiropractic care you would get. When you lie on the table, Dr. Anunson goes right to the problem area without you telling him. I’m just amazed at how he just knows and takes care of you."

 - C.C., Madison, WI

If you’re considering chiropractic, come here!

"Within a few minutes of meeting with Dr. Anunson on my first visit, he asked me how my digestion was. I’ve seen so many doctors for issues with that, to the point where I’ve been off and on medications that weren’t working. After receiving adjustments, I noticed that I was digesting my food better and I never expected that to happen. It never entered my mind.

If you’re considering chiropractic, come here! The treatment works, the staff is great – they take care of you every step of the way. They checked in to my insurance, made sure my x-rays were covered and the overall fee is reasonable – I was impressed with it."

- D.E., Madison, WI

They really care!

"Everyone at Anunson Chiropractic is very friendly and they joke around with you. It’s more than just a doctor patient/ staff patient relationship; they really care. You’re not just a number here; my family and I are always greeted by name."

 - R.P., Madison, WI

In two weeks I noticed a difference!

"I had talked first with Dr. Wade and his wife Dr. Heather, whom I had met socially. Dr. Wade seemed different than any other chiropractor I had met. He was so excited and energetic that I really wanted to see what his office was all about. For the previous 6 months my back would just be tied up in knots – I couldn’t sleep, I had no energy, and I was having horrible headaches and difficulty tasting my food….it was terrible! I had quit working out because I was in so much pain.
In two weeks I noticed a difference! I now work out regularly. I’m able to run and sit in a chair comfortably…It’s great! One thing I also noticed is that my allergies have gotten a lot better. I am able to concentrate and focus my mind. My husband noticed my energy level increased. He commented that I was back to the old me!"

 - SL, Madison

I’ve been to all kinds of chiropractors and I’ve never experienced results like this!

"I see guys in rough shape at work and they are half my age. I say look at me… I feel good! My wife found out about Dr. Anunson from a co-worker at UW Hospital. I thought I’d give him a try. I had back and leg problems for 15 years and saw different chiropractors but none of them seemed to help. I’d say I’m 99% better now. In fact, I noticed improvement after 1 month of being adjusted using Activator methods. Now I get out of bed instead of “crawl” out of bed. These are things I don’t take for granted. You see, I went for two years not being able to walk up and down stairs alternating my legs. I had to take the stairs one leg at a time. Big difference!"

 - RH, Westfield

I’m not new to chiropractic. I’ve been under care since I was 18…

"I exercise very regularly, practice karate and enjoy cardio-kickboxing. Prior to coming to see Dr. Wade, I would do a lot of stretching. That’s how I dealt with my years, and years, and years of low back pain! I met Dr. Wade through a business networking group. My wife and I decided to come in together and get checked out. After a week of this style of chiropractic care, I noticed a change. A lot of my exercises are just more comfortable now.
Since starting a series of chiropractic adjustments and making some diet changes something else really interesting happened for me. Although I am very active – I don’t sweat. I would get my heart rate up and then suffer from slight chest pain and very little perspiration. Now I’m working at heart rates up to 160 with no chest pains… AND I SWEAT! As a business owner, I like to do business with people I know, like and trust. I like the atmosphere and the personnel at Anunson Chiropractic. I really appreciate Dr. Wade and the method of chiropractic that he specializes in."

 - MJ, Evansville

After the first 3 weeks, my asthma began to improve…

"I have had asthma since I was three. Dr. Hagen, a retired chiropractor, told us about Dr. Anunson because he felt that the Activator Method would help me with my problem. I have been to many other health providers and I have tried medicine and inhalers, but I still did not feel great. After the first 3 weeks, things began to improve… A LOT! My sinuses began to clear up and I was able to breathe much more easily. I am now able to participate in and enjoy Gym class. I wasn’t able to do that before. I have already referred Dr. Anunson to my mom and to some of my friends!"

- KS, Mazomanie

Trouble breathing while running…

"I just completed my senior year of high school where I competed on the cross country team. For the past 4-5 years I have been frustrated because I have had trouble with my breathing while running, yet I love to run! I have gone to my family MD and a sports medicine doctor to try to figure out what the problem is, but neither of them had answers or a solution for me.
Within a week of starting care, I noticed a difference! Running became a lot easier- I could also run faster and didn’t get sore as easily. I was better physically…ran faster, less pain and physically felt more relaxed. At the beginning of the season, I was hoping to just be on the team and be able to run. I remember when I met Dr. Anunson, telling him that “I really enjoy running, but that I’m not that good.”

Amazingly, as I got adjusted, my pain got better and better, my breathing improved and suddenly running seemed easier. So much so that I started out on the JV team and ended up on Varsity as the #2 runner for my high school team! Aside from the great results, I like the relaxed atmosphere at Anunson Chiropractic, and that the appointments always fit my schedule."

 - MM, Verona

I had been having constant back and neck pain all the time…

"Every year, it became worse than the year before, and I could not stand it anymore. I avoided anything that involved twisting. I had to rest all the time and I didn’t feel good very often. One day, I would feel okay, and then the next day, I would feel as if I had been hit by a car. I hated how it affected my life. I now feel consistent on a day to day basis. I can now work out without the pain. I have better movement and I feel more athletic. I no longer have the constant nagging pain in my back.

I am not normally a grumpy guy, but when my back hurt, I was pretty grumpy. Dr. Anunson is the best chiropractor that I have ever met. He has helped me more than anyone else. I like the Activator Method that he uses versus the twisting and banging that I used to experience. I think that this method is more technical and consistent than any other. I can feel the difference more quickly."
 - CQ, Madison

After one week of care at Anunson Chiropractic I noticed big changes…

"I met Dr. Anunson when he came to my workplace to speak on proper lifting and injury prevention. He talked about correcting nerve function in a different way than any chiropractor I had been to. I had tried other chiropractors, medical treatment, and had full G.I. testing and treatment trying to end the back and foot pain that I have been living with for 23 years. I never thought that chiropractic could help some of my ongoing health problems.

After one week of care at Anunson Chiropractic I noticed big changes, after two weeks it was amazing, and after one month things were clearing up that I didn’t think anything could be done about! After two months, I feel like I did 15 years ago! A problem I had with my eyes very much improved, and my stomach problems are almost completely gone! The pain in my shoulders that was so severe that I could not roll over in bed is gone. I am now able to rise from bed normally, walk normally and comfortably, eat normally, I am taking less medicine, I sleep better, and the best of all – I have lots more energy left at the end of the day. I like Anunson Chiropractic’s personalized care and the holistic approach."

 - BB, Middleton

Excruciating daily migraines…

"I had been under chiropractic care since 1992 for excruciating daily migraines and I had reached a plateau. While still seeking relief, I was introduced to the Activator Method in the Summer of 2006 by Dr. Hagen, a retired chiropractor, who fills in temporarily at other chiropractic offices. I was very curious about this new chiropractic technique, and so I went online to seek more information. That is how I discovered Dr. Anunson. Dr. Anunson has an advanced proficiency rating as a practitioner of the Activator Method. I began seeing Dr. Anunson in January of 2007. Since that time, I have experienced only 1 migraine! And now I rarely take any kind of medication. The results have been amazing!

I am still in disbelief that Dr. Anunson is able to pinpoint the exact location of my pain. I am once again enjoying life. Dr. Anunson has provided me with results that I have never experienced before. He is extremely knowledgeable and truly committed to his patients’ well-being. I attribute my new found sense of health to the Activator Method and the outstanding quality of care that I have received from Dr. Anunson."

 - SD, Black Earth

Able to communicate more easily and think more clearly…

"I’m 25 years old, but when I was 5, I was diagnosed with ADD. I have been to many different doctors since that time, and have been on several different medications which didn’t solve my problem. As an adult, I have done my own research trying to solve my health problem. I read that some people may have a misalignment in their spine that can cause symptoms similar to ADD – lack of focus, decreased brain function, and digestive issues to name a few.

After my 3rd adjustment, I noticed that I was able to communicate more easily and think more clearly. My family and friends have noticed that I am able to do things more quickly. But more importantly, their comments about how much I am frustrating them have decreased. I feel like I have found the key to unlocking my ability to be well."
 - TB, Madison

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