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My 42 years as a chiropractic patient allows me to offer a fresh perspective when it comes to patient care. How, when and where chiropractic can help in a given situation is supported by my own immune and respiratory problems as a child, and musculo-skeletal challenges as an athlete.

My approach to holistic care was influenced as a child. Being involved with organized sports since I was 6, I’d had big dreams of becoming a professional baseball player. My first experience with chiropractic was when I was 4 yrs old suffering from chronic ear infections.

My Chiropractic Story…

We’d tried the traditional route with ear drops and various antibiotics, all with only short term effects. Not long after one bout, we’d be right back in the same boat with another infection. When my Pediatrician recommended tubes be put in, my mother felt that was more of an appeasement than a solution. Her willingness to ask questions and look for a solution rather than a ‘cover up’ is why I’m here today.

I’m so thankful for her persistence in asking good questions as to finding the cause of the infections. I didn’t realize how “outside the box” my mom’s thinking actually was back then. Turns out, chiropractic adjustments were the only thing that solved my recurring ear infections – I never experienced another ear infection after just a few adjustments. That experience was the beginning of a journey that continues to fascinate me with regard to the amazing healing power of the body.

As number 6 of 7 kids, our household was pretty exciting to say the least. Between day to day rough housing with my siblings, sports injuries and just plain ‘being a kid’, misalignments were a part of life. It made sense to my mom to periodically have us kids get a check-up to literally keep us in line. And boy did I need it. So we’d get a tune up every so often and it wasn’t until high school that I realized many of my friends did not get adjusted. I remember a couple teammates while playing high school soccer had injuries that kept them from practices and most importantly games. “Why don’t you just go get adjusted so you can heal up and quit wasting time?” What made perfect sense to me, seemed foreign to my friends. I was shocked at the ‘needless suffering’ they seemed to experience.

My Passion for Chiropractic

From my story above, I was influenced at a young age with a profound holistic response to chiropractic care. My passion is to help people see and experience how incredibly powerful they are. Chiropractic is a medium that allows me to show them the absolute brilliance of the body. I feel extremely grateful to be able to share this gift and impact people’s lives. Out of all the possible modalities at our fingertips in healthcare today, I would choose an adjustment over any of them. It’s one of the most powerful gifts we can give because the nervous system controls and coordinates all cells in the body. Releasing that nerve flow with an adjustment enhances the coordination, control and moreover, the “intelligence” between the brain and the rest of the body. It’s a small thing that can make a BIG difference!

Here at our Madison chiropractic office I am passionate about delivering patient centered, solution based care that serves the patient’s health goals. I’m passionate about a clinic model that simplifies access to care and accommodates people’s hectic lifestyles. I’m passionate about creating a WIN-WIN-WIN!

On a Personal Note…

I’ve always enjoyed the outdoors. I don’t have any ‘secrets’ for creating a youthful body, other than eating well, balancing daily physical activity with plenty of rest and maintaining a healthy spine. On the active side, I enjoy playing competitive tennis, basketball, running and mountain biking. I love spending time outdoors with photography, archery, fly fishing, skiing and of course traveling with my wife Dr. Heather. My wife and I enjoy time traveling and hanging out with family and friends. We also relish the opportunity to indulge in the simple pleasures like great food, espresso and of course dark chocolate.

I’ve enjoyed training and competing in past adventure races such as ‘off road’ triathlons (Wolfman Triathlon) and Wisconsin’s Tough Mudder. I’m a big fan of movement. So with running, basketball, tennis and now yoga (thanks Dr. Heather), I find joy in the challenge they offer and areas for growth.

Chiropractor in Madison with a “fresh perspective”

As a patient for nearly 42 years and a chiropractor for 20 years, my understanding of how, when and where chiropractic can be effective as a solution gives a fresh perspective to patient care. This unique perspective from a patient’s point of view translates into patients more clearly understanding their options, possibilities and overall expectations from care.

I’m passionate about helping people recognize how brilliant their body is, and how specific adjustments enhance a vibrant, adapting, and self healing body. Being raised in a family of 7 kids, I discovered first hand the cost effective benefits of chiropractic care in solving health challenges of all types. Chiropractic is not a cure for any disease or condition, but rather a foundation to a healthy functioning nerve system.

Certifications and Continuing education

  • Activator Methods Advanced Proficiency Rated and Clinical Instructor
  • State of Wisconsin Board certified Nutrition Certification

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