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What is the Activator Method?

The Activator Method is a chiropractic technique and protocol that was developed by Dr. Arlen Fuhr. It is a method of analysis that is very objective, allowing the chiropractor to be very specific with the adjustments and treatment plan.

The Activator Method uses an instrument-based adjusting technique that is low force and very specific. The stress tests that patients perform on themselves can isolate areas of neuro articular dysfunction at specific spinal levels, which can then be corrected right away. This often results in immediate changes that restore healthy function to that area. 

Consistent Proven Results

The activator instrument has evolved over 50 plus years to continue dialing in the effectiveness of the instrument, leading to greater spinal resonance. This equates to more specific adjusting with less force and greater outcomes. It's a very patient friendly approach that yields great results.

The Activator Method takes a wholistic approach to health care by focusing on your body as a whole system, rather than just one part of your body at a time. The Activator Method is an effective way of treating pain in all areas of the body and we are currently seeing great results with our patients.

Trust the Experts

I have been an instructor for activator methods since 2008, and I have chosen to master this technique for extraordinary patient results.

As a doctor, using an activator instrument and being an advanced proficiently trained doctor are two different things. The active protocol and how I apply the instrument is how people find our office. There is a significant difference.

When it comes to treating patients with chronic pain, many doctors will tell you that they can treat you in one of two ways: with medication or with physical therapy. This isn't true! I'm going to show you how to get off your medication and help you discover your body's amazing ability to heal itself naturally.


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