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A New Perspective on Health Care

Functional Health is somewhat broad in that there are various approaches that seek to find the root causes of disease or ill-health. Our doctors focus on natural strategies that start with structure and function. The goal is to see the body as a whole, not just a symptom.  We find the root cause of symptoms in order to empower the patient to heal from the inside-out, without drugs or surgical interventions whenever possible.

With over 55 years of combined chiropractic and nutritional experience, we address the foundational principles of health and healing by directly influencing neurological function. We do this through the correction of biomechanical distortions of the spine, extremities, and cranial bones, while correlating visceral (organ systems) stress and their relationship to the musculoskeletal, neuro-emotional and physiological expression of health.

Using Your Body's Natural Abilities of Healing

The premise is based on the intelligence of your body. Your body is brilliantly dynamic in its ability to adapt to our environment. This is always happening, albeit when things are working efficiently. There are times when the immediate needs of survival shortchange our long-term capacity to thrive due to cumulative stressors throwing the body into crisis mode. This is where treating the symptom does nothing for correcting its subsequent causes.

Your body is designed to heal and mend. It’s a dynamic organism that is always seeking balance in our very unbalanced environment. We work with these structural, physiologic, biochemical dynamics to help remove interferences with your health.


Restoring Healthy Function through Methylation & Lab Testing

You know those days when you're just not feeling it? You don't have the energy to do anything, and everything seems like too much effort. Maybe your skin is a little dry, or your digestion isn't what it should be, or something else is just off. That is because your body is out-of-balance. The first thing we want to check is your methylation cycle.

What is Methylation?

Methylation is a cycle that takes place in every cell in your body—it's responsible for things like skin repair, digestion, turning food into energy, and detoxification; just to name a few. These and many other physiological functions need methyl groups to operate correctly in order to create a healthy, efficient, and adaptive body.

  • Methylation Cycle Part 1

    Under normal, proper function, methyl groups are distributed via natural biochemical interactions to all that need to process them. Next, each process once in possession of the necessary methyl groups must use them effectively.

    Where things start to go wrong is when those methyl groups don't get their needed process location or aren't used effectively. There's a long list of causes with the most common being the result of chemicals (in air, food, water, drugs), dirty genes, nutrient deficiency, chronic infection, leaky gut, leaky brain, and stress. All of which tend to either block or significantly slow down your Methylation Cycle.

  • Methylation Cycle: Part 2

    An example of passing on methyl groups through functions like taking in food, digesting and assimilating into a useable form of energy such as glucose and turning it into ATP, which equates to cellular energy, requires our body to recycle portions and remove wasteful toxins as byproducts. 

    Chain Reaction

    Some of you may be familiar with the MTHFR gene which starts the process by passing a methyl group to folate. That methylfolate group then interactions with another biochemical- homocysteine for example - passing the methyl group to it making methionine. This chain reaction of genes, enzymes, and biochemicals carry out the brilliant functions or processes beautifully - unless they're interfered with.

Uncovering Imbalances Through Lab Analysis

We offer a variety of methods including a metabolic assessment, blood analysis, 24 hour urinalysis and saliva testing as a functional means to determine many different stress points a patient may be experiencing.

Improving Your Health through Nutritional Guidance

We care about the health of our patients. That's why we do everything we can to ensure they have access to nutritional counseling and are getting the nutrients they need to be their best selves.

We evaluate nutritional deficiencies for our patients functionally by means of assessment through physical examination and case history, isolation testing, dietary evaluation, laboratory testing (blood, saliva, 24-hour urinalysis) and neurological assessments.

Individualized Nutrition & Lifestyle Plans

There’s a great deal of history and Q & A that goes into determining the priority of a patient’s needs. Individualized needs depend on the context of the patient’s history. All of these will influence the stage the patient is in. We work to specifically will determine the patient’s starting point.

  • What are they experiencing now?
  • How long has it been going on?
  • Are they recovering from physical emotional or chemical trauma, surgery or injury?
  • Incomplete recovery from the distant past?
  • How old are they?
  • What have been their dietary habits over the last few months to several years?

Nutrition is complex but not complicated.  The complexity of converting food to cellular energy, which in turn supports the demands placed on the body, is a vast endeavor to fully comprehend. Yet, when we look at restoring macronutrient digestion, absorption and assimilation, there is a natural sequence of healing that occurs.

Our testing and system of rebalancing is unique to the individual and is primarily dependent upon the patient’s readiness and willingness to adjust their lifestyle habits.

We do NOT treat diseases however; we do evaluate with the intention to restore healthy function. We utilize these different testing procedures on a case-by-case basis to quantitatively see how all the intricate systems are working either synchronously, in “tune” or in part.




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