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Chiropractic for Infants and Small Children

I've been adjusting kids for three decades now, and I can tell you that the results are nothing short of miraculous. Newborns, infants, toddlers, and small children respond brilliantly to chiropractic. I'm one of them—I've been a patient since I was three years old, and my own children have been adjusted since they were born. 

At Anunson Chiropractic, we see children as a great opportunity to help set them up for a lifetime of health. Our wholistic approach is focused on the whole body in order to reach an internal harmony that will optimize growth, development and physical health.

We collaborate with parents to thoroughly understand your child's condition and guide you through an appropriate treatment plan that brings about a sustainable change for their health, well-being, and development, especially when it comes to children. Our focus is to improve the overall body function is paramount considering this improves the quality of life as well.

Common Symptoms Seen in Children

  • Nutrition & Digestion- Reflux, repetitive spitting up, projectile vomiting, bloating, colic or struggling bowel movements are common. 

  • Skin- A child's skin tells us how the digestive, immune, liver and detoxification systems are working—which tells us if their functioning in balance or out of balance. There may be nutritional, enzyme related or macronutrient stresses that give feedback on how their body's are responding to their environment.

  • Immune System- Immune issues appear as ear infections, respiratory difficulties, adverse responses to toxins from aggressive inoculation schedules. When there's a family history of autoimmunity or autism, it’s important to discuss alternative or modification of their vaccine schedule.

Growing Pains Explained

Correct The Cause Instead of Masking The Pain

 It is estimated that nearly 80% of children suffer some sort of pain or injury during their growth years. Chiropractic care can help prevent undue stress on a child's growing body, and promote better health as they progress through their growth stages.

Many parents who visit our clinic have been told by other health care providers, “there's nothing I can do for your child” – yet most of the time, the cause is because of an acute or chronic misalignment, which isn't a condition that has to be accepted or masked by medications. In reality, it's a condition which needs to be corrected so the body does what it naturally does – which is grow.

Growing pains is a condition that a child doesn't have to live with. With a thorough analysis of your child's musculoskeletal system we can identify any areas of imbalance which were restricting the growth process. 


What Your Child Needs For A Healthier Life

 At Anunson Chiropractic, we believe that every child deserves to be cared for in a way that honors their individuality. It's crucial to make clear the distinction in a health care plan for a child. What's the child’s story, what phase of development are they in, how old are they, what problems do they have?

When a child has issues with their health, it's important to know that they have the possibility of growing into those problems. For example, if a child has a problem with their posture and we don't correct it soon enough, they can develop spinal curvature—and this could lead to further problems later in life.

There are many conditions in children that respond extremely well to chiropractic care, whether it be learning disabilities, growth challenges, child can't put on weight, eating disorders, emotional instability, anxiety or depression. These are related to hormones and neurotransmitters. Hip dysplasia and growth abnormalities are one of the most significant and important things that we see can be influenced through chiropractic care. The closer a child is to balance, the more efficiently their bodies will grow and develop from walking to running to having enough muscle mass and coordination.

If you want your child to have the healthiest and most successful life possible, we believe that chiropractic care is the best way forward. We'll work with you and your child to determine what kind of care would be best for them as an individual.


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Wholistic Primary Care


Over prescription of medications, exorbitant health care costs, chemicals in our foods and poor health choices are damaging our nation's overall health. You can free yourself and regain control over your body with natural methods that achieve lasting results.

Our wholistic approach is backed by medical science. You will feel better and naturally want to continue as your quality of life improves. A higher level of wellness than most have ever thought possible is now reality.

Optimal health awaits you with Anunson Chiropractic.

What Our Patients Are Saying...

What Our Patients Are Saying...