Herniated, Bulging & Prolapsed Discs

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Healing Disc Injuries with Chiropractic

We have helped hundreds if not thousands of patients with disc bulges and herniations over the last 28 years. There is a point where too much damage is done and more invasive procedures have been recommended, but these have been the exception more than the rule. Overall, correcting alignment, training healthy spinal movement and individual nutritional needs has demonstrated great outcomes for many of our patients.

In our practice we treat patients from all walks of life. We use an interdisciplinary approach to treatment that includes chiropractic care as well as physical therapy, nutrition counseling and other complementary therapies that work as a team to get you back on your feet.

What are Disc Injuries?

To avoid confusion, a slipped disc, prolapsed and a herniated disc are one in the same. A disc consists of amazingly strong and durable connective tissue, which contrary to medical myths doesn’t actually “slip” like a loose piece of salami between two slices of bread.  Correcting this misnomer is quite relevant when it comes to empowering society to take better care of themselves and experience their true health potential.

How do you Treat Disc Injuries?

We work specifically toward improving function and not just “treating” symptoms or conditions. In other words, we don’t treat the disc as much as we’re correcting alignment of the whole body, which allows the wholeness of the body to be restored and your body works more efficiently and heals from the inside out. 

We have successfully helped many patients return to their active lifestyle by solving multiple disc herniations that had previously incapacitated them. There is a deeper strategy to solving disc injuries rather than masking the pain with NSAID pain relievers or prescription drugs. We dive down deep to get to the root of the problem so you can live pain free naturally.

What Happens if you Leave Disc Injuries Untreated?

When you have a slipped disc it is very important to get it treated immediately. When you leave a disc injury untreated, you're not only risking your ability to function properly, but also the health of your nerves.

But the fact is, leaving a slipped disc untreated can cause more problems than it solves. For one thing, the pain is only going to get worse as time goes on—and if you don't treat it quickly enough, it could lead to permanent damage to your nerves.

In the most severe (but rare cases) you can even cut off nerve impulses which can lead to loss of bowel movement and bladder control.


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Over prescription of medications, exorbitant health care costs, chemicals in our foods and poor health choices are damaging our nation's overall health. You can free yourself and regain control over your body with natural methods that achieve lasting results.

Our wholistic approach is backed by medical science. You will feel better and naturally want to continue as your quality of life improves. A higher level of wellness than most have ever thought possible is now reality.

Optimal health awaits you with Anunson Chiropractic.

What Our Patients Are Saying...

What Our Patients Are Saying...