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Adjusting for the Future

Healthy Transitions Into Adulthood

The teenage years are a time of tremendous change and growth. Most of us are familiar with the growth spurt that comes with adolescence, but the teen years are also a time of hormonal, growth, and biological changes.

Alongside the physical and mental challenges during this period, teens often take on more responsibility as they transition into adulthood. This can be stressful for teens who are trying to figure out who they are in this new world. They may be dealing with anxiety and stress as they transition into adulthood..

Leading the Way to a Better Solution

Dr. Heather and I have always had a strong pediatric and overall family approach to the care of children, adolescents, and teens. We understand health is an inside-out process that creates healthy functioning self-responsible adults.

We've seen so many kids who come in with injuries, headaches, learning challenges, scoliosis, poor posture, athletic, stomach and digestive problems, that can all take the shape of pain or chronic pain patterns.

The most common societal message is to medicate all of these symptoms. The drug first, outside-in approach is conditioning our next generation to “cover up” rather than correct the problem. We want to change that.

Healing Through Education

Education is a constant focus for our kids. We invest a great deal of time into helping kids and parents make educated decisions. We help by mapping out strategies that empower them to both manage physical challenges; and teach them the tools for strengthening, stabilizing and creating independence.

In addition to corrective structural care, we also test for and teach the relationship between organ systems, glands that secrete hormones, and neurotransmitters for brain function. There is a direct connection to our digestive health and spinal balance (alignment), and we want families to have a full understanding of how they work together.

This is how we help our kids to realize their individual gifts, strengths and weaknesses with food and how to get clear understaning of the brilliance of their body’s response internally and externally, which also includes their environment, diet, lifestyle, and mental health.

How Chiropractic Can Benefit Teens & Adolescents

  • Digestive Health

    The digestive system is the most important part of your child's body. Without a healthy digestive system, they will not be able to stay healthy, which can lead to many other problems. The digestive system is responsible for breaking down food into nutrients their body can use. When this process is not working properly, it may cause pain in the abdomen and discomfort from a variety of nutritional imbalances.

    Our Chiropractic Approach is non-invasive, making it safe for your child to receive care at any age. We also provide personalized chiropractic and nutritional treatment plans based on each patient's unique needs. Our friendly team of expert doctors will help your child find relief from digestive issues in no time at all!

  • Pain Management

    Pain is a symptom of many injuries or illnesses that can occur in childhood. Pain can also happen when a child or teenager experiences physical stress or trauma.

    At Anunson Chiropractic, we believe in treating everyone as an individual and providing customized treatment plans based on their needs and lifestyle. We encourage our patients to be active participants in their care so that they feel empowered and confident in managing their own health!



  • Stress Reduction

    The medical community over-prescribes medication for anxiety or depression. However, if you are looking for an alternative method for treating stress in your child, consider working with a family chiropractor like Anunson Chiropractic.

    When kids are under too much pressure from schoolwork or other demands outside of class, they often turn to unhealthy coping mechanisms like overeating or sleeping too much (or not enough). They may also withdraw socially because they don't want to deal with people who expect things from them or make fun of them.

    We have worked with many children and concerned parents to help them manage stress levels, while improving their physical and mental health at the same time. We urge you to get in contact with us today to discover alternative methods in reducing stress and living a balanced lifestyle.

  • Activities & Sport

    Being active is great for anyone. The more activity you get, the healthier you'll be both physically and mentally. You'll strengthen your body, improve your self-esteem, and learn to be more agile. But as with any kind of activity, there's always the chance of injury. When it comes to teenagers who are just starting to discover their bodies' abilities and limits, it can be hard to know what might cause an injury and how to prevent one.

    At Anunson Chiropractic, we can help resolve issues with soreness, inflammation, joint and muscle pain, and range of motion. If your child needs help getting back on track after an injury or if you just want to ensure their body stays healthy throughout the long haul of adolescence and beyond, set up an appointment today.

  • Posture

    Have you ever thought about how much time your teen spends on their phone, tablet, playing video games or other activities that encourages poor posture? In a society where it's all about making the most of our limited time, we can't help but feel like we need to be plugged in. But did you know that all that screen time could be causing pain?

    We see kids coming in with neck and shoulder pain all the time, and one of the biggest culprits is overuse of technology. Whether they're texting or gaming, they're spending a lot of time hunched over their devices. The back is a complex structure made up of muscles, ligaments, bones, nerves, and discs—and while it's built for flexibility and movement, too much strain on any part of it can cause serious issues down the line.

    That's why it's so important as parents to address these issues early on and ensure your child's spine and neck are aligned and learn about using good posture so they can stay healthy for years to come!


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